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 I get annoyed wen sum1 says "sna bumalik nalng si ptr t

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PostSubject: I get annoyed wen sum1 says "sna bumalik nalng si ptr t   Tue Sep 18, 2007 5:28 pm

Honestly, I get annoyed when I hear a church mate say “Sana bumalik na lang si Pastor Tanny…” Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for what Ptr. Tanny has done in JOHIA. My own spiritual life grew leaps and bounds during his time. Nevertheless, that era wasn’t JOHIA’s peak it was only a threshold of something great, something fantastic. We got to experience our God in a different level of intimacy. But soon enough, there came a time when it became harder for me to get into His presence on my own. I was praying about it when the Lord answered me- “you are no longer an infant, you have to grow up…” During that time, Sunday after Sunday His presence became so thick in our sanctuary. It was so easy to enter His courts. That was because experiencing that level of intimacy was totally new to us- we were still “babies”. Infants need immediate care and nourishment in order to grow up. We are adults now, I reckon. Adults take care of themselves if they want to grow as individuals.

During Ptr Tanny’s time we learned how to cry out to the Lord in desperation because we want to know Him and be in His presence. God saw OUR DESPERATION FOR HIM. Yes, like the woman with hemorrhage, like the Samaritan woman or the centurion, He saw our audacious faith and He honors it! Now, we are all being prepared for more of Him. The years we try so hard to bring back is only a foretaste of what is to come. This time, He will not hold anything back. And it will be beyond our wildest imagination. Experiencing God in His Glory is most costly. A special anointing requires a special vessel. These “vessels” are individuals who choose to follow God’s will in the middle of life’s struggle.

Ate Apol once said “Baka wala si Lord…pray tayo ng pray wala naman siya…” during one devotion time. I was greatly startled by that. I went home asking Him “Lord, anjan ka nga ba?” Then, I figured. “Maybe He is around… Only watching us, taking note of our reactions to things happening”. I think this is the time to “choose Jesus everyday”. To be wary of the choices we make in the middle of all the roller coaster situations He constantly throws at us. And that He wants us to choose Him before ourselves. This is my personal opinion. I am sure you have your own.
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I get annoyed wen sum1 says "sna bumalik nalng si ptr t
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